WolfPak Leader Podcast

#1 with Nick Lau

Get transformational leadership insights in our podcast. In the first episode, Diana talks about «Mastering Workplace Politics with Integrity» with Nick Lau, a Harvard biochemist and Oxford graduate who's led the planning for several FIFA World Cups and now, at 44, is pursuing his Olympic dreams in cross-country skiing. His story is a testament to what's possible when integrity and ambition meet.

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#2 with Gopi Kallayil

Discover the essence of mindful leadership in the digital age. In this podcast, we explore the fusion of spirituality, self-awareness, and business success through the lens of AI leadership learning. Join Gopi, Google's Chief Business Strategist AI at Google Silicon Valley, and industry expert as he dissects the intricacies of purpose-driven living and its role in achieving sustainable success.


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